I think I'll be working 80 hours this week and I need a break! I haven't even had time to tell y'all about my weekend!

On Saturday, I rolled up to beautiful Bellingham, Wash. Nina was excited to see me.

Shortly after we left the apartment for dinner, I took this really cool picture of Nina:

We had an excellent Thai dinner at Jimmy's in downtown Bellingham and then saw "We Own the Night," a very good action movie with Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Walberg and Eva Mendes. After the movie, we went to Boundary Bay, where I taught Nina and David the nuances of beer drinking.

I came back to Seattle early on Sunday, and Jenny came over to the Burrow in the morning to kick it. Lo and behold, she and Moos were dressed down in nearly the exact same outfit. (See left). Moos later changed into a different set of scrubby clothes before we left for the Ballard Farmer's Market (See below).

My beard was in full effect, too.

After the market, I rolled down south to golf with Scott and Dad. Moos and Jenny went to Fremont, where Moos paid a young boy at the Farmer's Market there $1 for a temporary tattoo.

After golf, I spent the rest of the evening watching the Seahawks (lose) and playing Halo 3 with Andy. Not a bad weekend.