Paolo Does Europe - Sept. 7

Check the big one off the list. I have seen Roma. I stuck to the beaten path for the most part. The first night I got here very late and but scored a one bedroom with a bathroom for only $40E. That's my first and probably last night with my own bathroom on this trip.

I got up early yesterday and saw the Colosseum, ruins and all the big fountains, piazzas and museums. I came back to the hostel in the afternoon to sleep. Then I headed back out to the Spanish Steps to read a little Harry Potter and grab dinner. Upon spending a long time at the English section of the train station bookstore, I decided re-reading "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was in my best entertainment interest.

This city is overwhelming -- so much to see.

Today I slept in a little and went to the Vatican. St. Peter's Square was super-cool -- all those angels overlooking the square and all. While I went on a photo spree inside the church, an old man approached me and started telling me all about the church history and how pagans have no respect when they only use churches for sleeping. He was interesting to listen to, but, after I sensed senile, I jetted to get in line to climb the dome. Not really worth the time. St. Peter's church is more impressive from the ground in my opinion.

Then I went to the tombs of the popes. Very neat. I had a moment at John Paul II's tomb and was really moved by all the people there praying and crying.

I grabbed some food and then came back to crash. I had a hard time waking up but managed to head down for some pizza and caught the subway back to the Colosseum to take some night photos. That's my thing: taking a subway somewhere and then using my map to find my way back at night. Safe, huh?

Off to Napoli (HOME!!!) tomorrow morning. I'd like to close by saying, "I like how they serve domestic beers in 20 oz bottles - it's so much more efficient."

Editor's note: Because I took so many great pictures in Rome, I created a slideshow to fit them all in this post. Enjoy.