As many of you know, the single joy of my Thursdays is reading the new "I Saw U's" in "The Stranger." I enjoy the hunt of looking for an I Saw U directed to me from an actual stranger, even though I come up empty-handed week after week.

I've always had an odd, voyeuristic attraction to reading personal ads. Before our shifts started at Bella Nina's, Scott and I would always grab sodas and sit in a booth to read the weekly's personal ads and share laughs guessing if they were M4W, W4M, M4M, W4W, transsexuals, post-op, etc.

Today, I was all smiles when I read an I Saw U directed to Bill Gates. It's the next best thing if I can't read one directed to me.


I saw you there! Hanging out in the lobby with Melinda. It made me feel better about humanity that you simply wanted to see The Swell Season and that you sat in the balcony. Here's to more great concerts Bill!

When: Monday, November 5, 2007. Where: The Moore. You: Man. Me: Man. #907915