Wives Shed Like Cats

I have many nicknames for my roommates, Katrine and Moos. Collectively, I call them The Wives. Individually, I call Katrine the "Queen of Ballard," and Moos "The Dark Lord."
Alas, I have new nicknames for Katrine and Moos: "Tabby" and "Himalayan," respectively. You see, The Wives shed like cats. To live with them is to be surrounded by tumbleweeds of hair.

I've grown accustomed to the lifestyle, but the occasional visitor will find the clumps of hair that collect unusual. After Sergio's extended stay in the Ballard Burrow last week, he said he couldn't believe the masses of hair in the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms. True, we do challenge the average barber shop for most hair on the floor. I actually had to re-tape most of my Christmas presents because hair got under the tape. I really shouldn't have wrapped presents sitting on the family room carpet.

I know, I know. Vacuum frequently, you suggest. Unfortunately, our vacuum recently passed away - strangled to death by a cord of the combined Tabby and Himalayan hair. I'm off to Fred Meyer today to buy a new one. If this one dies, I'm going to the pet store to buy cat brushes.