It's time to celebrate the good, bad and terrible content that we all spent more time than we'd like to admit reading on this amateur blog in the last year. This undefinable blog produced news (original and unoriginal), editorials, rants, raves, original photography, original videos, a lot of copied content (with and without permissions), missed humor, anger, frustration, and a prolonged travel blog series. T'was a good year.

Best Author: Paolo
Paolo remains the pinnacle author of this blog, and his achievements will only be fully realized and celebrated long after his time.

Best Series:
Head of Class
In this two-part series, guest blogger Matt described his trials as a student teacher. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Most Prolonged Series: Paolo Does Europe
Three months' time documented a three-week trip. WIB published a total 17 blog posts, starting Sept. 21 and commencing Dec. 18.

Best Guest Author: Ra Scion
Ra wrote a hilarious blog that simultaneously explained and announced the Vince's Italian Restaurant 50th anniversary and bitch-slapped Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels.

Happiest Blog: Kenna and Beard Bumming It at Westlake Center
Angriest Blog:
Regina Spektor is Overrated
I still don't like Regina Spektor much.

Best Rant:
The Jeff Renner/Snow Blog
Most Educational: The HPV/Gardasil Blog
Most Alcoholic: The 3-buck Chuck Blog
Worst Experiment Quasi-Documented on the Blog: Online Dating

Most Original:
Dissing the 365 Project
Does anyone else get the irony of this award?

Best Blog Written for Women: Starbucks Holiday Drinks
Best Blog Written to Agitate Women: Online Dating Blows
Best Creative Writing: The Salumi's Experience
Most Vain: Online Dating Blows

Most Commented:
The Craigslist Personal Ad Blog and the Announcement of Scott and Courtney's Wedding Blog

Each post drew 16 comments.

Scott's decision to post personal ad on Craigslist on my behalf attracted a legion of voyeuristic blog stalkers to come out of the woodwork and vicariously follow the lifetime of that personal ad and its responses.

The announcement that Scott and Courtney started their own wedding blog evolved into a fierce argument between Scott's sister Caitlin and my little brother, Sergio. Low blows included, "Caitlin, the photos proudly displayed on your MySpace and Facebook hardly embody what you call 'class and character.' Please stop kidding yourself."

Best Comment:
This one's a no-brainer. On Friday, Nov. 30, Allegories in Life wrote,

"If I lived in Seattle, I would stalk you the old-fashioned way. I would build a shrine out of partially eaten bagels, locks of hair, and mail I'd find in your trash. I would buy a focuspoint shirt in every color and go to every show.

Stalking like this is a lost art form. Facebook and MySpace stalking is just plain lazy.

For now, I'll just have to blog-stalk you."

Most Ripped Off Content in a Blog: Understanding the Strike
I stole 468 words from Jenna Fischer's MySpace blog explaining the ongoing writer's strike. I even stole the headline from her blog. Classy.

Most Likely to Read the Blog First: Cari
Cari's the only loyal blog reader on the East Coast, so she has a three-hour jump on everyone to read crap on the blog everyday.

Most Likely to Disagree With Your Comment:
Chris Brown
He's the devil AND and an advocate, which is why we love him.

Best "Under the Radar" Avid Reader: Katrine's Mom
Katrine gets her news about the blog... from her mom.

Best Video in a Blog: Moos Drunk
Best Actor, Director and Producer in an Original Blog Video: Paolo in "Scott's Infamous Palm Desert Hangover"
Best Dancer in an Original Blog Video: Sergio in "The Soulja Boy Dance"

Coolest Original Picture in a Blog: Sabzi at the Big Tunes Final
Best Blog Photostory: UW-Arizona football game
Most Disgusting Photo Sequence: Matt Eating a Burger
Worst Photoshop Job: Paolo on Burt Reynolds' Hairy, Naked Body

Happy New Year, everyone! Sayonara, 2007!