Paint me purple. I'm a Husky!

I learned yesterday that I was accepted into the University of Washington Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) program. Woo hoo!

I am SO relieved. Only 25 students get into this program each year, so I was really sweating receiving an acceptance letter. Now I still have some paperwork to do, so I could totally and accidentally screw up my admissions, but at least I know the program likes me enough to tell me so and make an offer.

I emailed John, my (and your) favorite WWU journalism professor, upon learning the good news, to which he replied:

"Well, that just goes to show how little clout I have with UW. I ripped you and said you'd never succeed in the program, and you still got in. Oh well, good for you anyway."

Gotta love that S.O.B. I learned from the best.

Thanks to everyone for their support of this next venture, especially my employer for offering a sweet tuition reimbursement plan and Scott, for forcing me to rewrite most of his MBA papers.

And thank God I won't have to take the GREs again.