I just learned (thank you MySpace) that my longtime friend Christy gave birth to her first child named Julian Corryn 10 weeks early.

Julian was born Jan. 31 weighing 1 pound, 15 ounces and she was just 14.25 inches long. Christy just came home after a 10-day stay at the hospital and Julian will stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the next couple months, but she's doing well!

Christy gave birth early via C-section after learning she had preeclampsia. I had never heard of preeclampsia before, but after a little Internet research, I learned that the condition affects 5-8 percent of all pregnancies and is one of the various hypertensive disorders that claim more than 75,000 lives globally each year.

According to Preeclampsia Foundation, preeclampsia can cause your blood pressure to rise and puts you at risk of stroke or impaired kidney function, impaired liver function, blood clotting problems, pulmonary edema (fluid on the lungs), seizures and, in severe forms, maternal and infant death. Because preeclampsia affects the blood flow and placenta, babies can be smaller and are often born prematurely.

Christy was fortunate to get to the hospital early, likely feeling preeclampsia symptoms, which include swelling, sudden weight gain, headaches and changes in vision.

Congrats, Christy! I'm excited for you and am keeping Julian Corryn in my thoughts.