There's only one solution to this economic crisis -- sex ed.

Hear me out.

We're in the mess we're in now because too many Americans took loans they couldn't pay back. As a result, lenders and banks are failing. It's as simple as that. (Lenders and big government were also irresponsible in their policies for loan standards and interest rates. There's some finger-pointing to do here and there, too.)

We've become a very complex economic society, and too many Americans don't know how to balance the loans, mortgages and interest rates to stay afloat. This all comes back to education and preparation that is expected to be provided by parents.

Well, if your parents don't want you in the first place, you're probably not going to get the resources you need to be successful in life. That's the harsh reality. We're in a bad cycle of stupid people creating more stupid people and that needs to stop.

The underbelly of society is expanding and it's time for a diet. We need to get people educated about sexual health and family planning to slow the number of unwanted children and the degeneration of our economy and greater society. (Of course, this approach can be applied to a lot of global issues as well.) This is not an education about abortion, condoms or abstinence (like how I covered the range there?), it's about preparing people for sexual decisions and possible outcomes.

I know it's unpopular for sexual education to be taught in public schools, but until the culture of parenting in America improves, especially amongst the lower classes, we need to invest there. We're bound, as a public, to inherit the consequences of an expanding, uneducated, irresponsible society, unless we, as a public, provide resources. Look at the front page of today's newspaper if you need any evidence of the scope of consequence. More than $2 trillion has been lost in American retirement accounts, Scott tells me.

Until there's some serious investment in sexual education in schools, in addition to the math and sciences to help people qualify themselves for higher education and employment, we're all screwed. The short term solution to economic woes today may or may not be federal bailouts, but the only way to prevent future crises is to give society one economic prophylactic in the form of sexual education.