7:55 PM Here we go with a live blog in class. I think this is a good way to keep my mind occupied and let everyone feel my suffering. I kid, I kid... sort of.
7:56 PM Our next homework is due on 10/22. Need to provide term project problem, context, hypothesis and bibliography. Basically, this is a first draft of the term project research proposal. Boo.
7:58 PM FYI, my research topic is to determine how journalist engagement in social media affects journalism ethics.
8:00 PM Now we're talking about group work. Fortunately, by the time you get to grad school, everyone is that type of person who did all the work for groups in high school and undergrad.
8:02 PM Still, group work is lame.
8:05 PM I really wish I was watching the debates tonight. This is like being in class during the World Cup finals or something.
8:07 PM Breaking into groups now. Time for a commercial break.
8:50 PM Biggest challenge with group work: Two people speak broken English.
9:42 PM Scored 90 percent (18/20) on assignment #2. Not bad. Maintaining the A!
9:50 PM OK, heading home now to watch the debates on DVR...or Dexter... Now THAT's the tough desicion in '08.