I have a crush on the new MacBooks.

This is a problem for the usual Apple reasons:

  1. It's too expensive.
  2. It's too expensive.
  3. It's too expensive.

$1,600 is a lot for the 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM (corrected), 250 GB harddrive computer. Don't even get me started on the MacBook Pros that start at $2,000 and climb near $3,000 depending on specs.

Still, I'm tempted. I've been wanting to get rid of the old desktop that is barely keeping up. I've had it for six years, which is like 600 years old in computer years. The problem is that I still have a totally functional, three-year old Dell laptop that I don't have an excuse to dump. Add my work laptop to the mix and that's just a whole lot of computers for one guys to toggle between.

I've never been enough of a fan of an Apple computer to buy the cost, and have actually hated most Apple computers of the last decade, but these new laptops are just plain sexy. The hardware is unprecedented. What's under the hood could satisfy my needs for at least the next four years. The only drawback I can see is the reflective, glass screen. But shouldn't I judge on brains over beauty anyway?

The reviews are positive and tempting. People are raving about them on Twitter. As Gizmodo points out, I should also consider a last-generation MacBook Pro because of the price drop.

Oh Macbook, you siren, why must you tease me so! I know I don't need you, but must have you!