I'm posting from my new, old Macbook Pro!

Now, you may be wondering one of two things:

1. "Why do you say 'new, old Macbook Pro,' Paolo?"

Good question. I actually bought the last model of the Macbook Pro brand new. It's like the 2009 cars just hit the lot, so I took the price break to buy a 2008 model. To avoid any confusion in the future, I'll just call this Macbook Pro the "Gray Lady" because she's older, wiser and gray. It's also a nod to the NY Times, of course.

2. "Why are you dressed like a gangster in your bedroom?"

That, too, is a good question. I am visually trying to depict just how thuggish this computer really is. I mean, it's like Ice Cube-N.W.A. thuggish. The computer can say the N-word if it wants to. Also, sometimes I just like to dress like a gangster, especially when listening to 2Pac and riding through the Central District, or when I'm procrastinating to do homework. The latter is the case tonight.

In the interest of maintaining my GPA, I'll stop here and close by saying that after a lot of years of mostly crappy experiences, especially through the 1990s, Apple's finally got a good product line-up across the board, and that's reflected in today's Apple earnings announcement.

Picture me rollin' with the Gray Lady.