I'm a little sad today.

My LONG-time friend, Anna (aka Dorkis), lost her father on Saturday morning.

Anna and I attended the same schools from the second grade and through undergrad. It's a unique thing because we coincidentally crossed city lines a few times over to go to our elementary and high schools -- St. Vincent's and Stadium, respectively -- and we chose the same college -- Western. Of course, you tend to think alike by the end of high school, so perhaps the college choice isn't that surprising.

Since graduating from Western, Anna has committed her life to her faith and now works at the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis. (We can see at this point how Anna is a MUCH better Catholic than I am.)

Anna wrote a beautiful, simple note about her father's passing and I encourage you to read it on her blog. Feel free to leave a comment there or drop her a line on Facebook even if you don't know her. I'm sure she'd appreciate the support.