Last night, a drunk, 40-something white guy decided to harass Scott and Courtney by banging on their front door claiming to be the sheriff at 2:45 a.m. last night. Here's a rough recap of the IM conversation I had with them about the incident:

Scott: "Yeah, it took the sheriff's department over 17 minutes to get to the house! In the mean time, the idiot is screaming and pounding on the front door, saying how he has artillery... He was screaming he was the sheriff first and then a bounty hunter."

Scott: "It's kind of funny that the guy picked the one house that has more guns, knives and arrows than anywhere else... I had the gun loaded, cocked and the safety off."

Me: "You should have used the bow."

Scott: "Yeah, I thought that might get nasty."

Me: "It would have been fun just to shoot him in the leg."

Scott: "I thought the semi-auto was the best bet. I didn't want to end up wrestling with a drunk 40-year-old with my neck." [Scott's broke his neck a few years ago.]

Me: What was Courtney doing?"

Scott: "She was on the phone with 911 for 17 minutes... The sheriff eventually arrived and took the drunk to the bus station so he could go home. Apparently they just wanted him to be Federal Way police department's problem because I am sure he continued to make a scene there."

Me: "Well, if we were up skiing none of this would have happened."

Scott: "True dat, but I probably would have made the news if I had shot him though."

Me: "The PR side of me wishes you did."

Courtney: "The bum sat in the flower pot and broke one of my ghost decorations. Scott should have shot him."