Barack Obama is making a big push less than one week from Election Day.

It's been 16 years since a presidential candidate has bought network time, in prime time, and tonight Obama is airing a 30-minute program on NBC, MSNBC, Fox, Univision and BET. Hopefully he'll have better luck than the last man to try this tactic - Ross Perot.

The 30-minute program is reported to be heavy on documentary-style content and will also include a live component featuring Obama at a rally in Florida.

This comes off a smooth PR tactic in which Obama spent part of Tuesday outside in the rain in Chester, Penn., while John McCain postponed his outside rally in nearby Quakertown. Dressed in sneakers and jeans, the rain pouring down as he spoke, Obama addressed the 9,000 who turned out and said, "Let me just begin by saying that a little bit of rain never hurt anybody."

It's those simple decisions that make an impact. Tell that to Elizabeth Hasslebeck.

For those who just want to emerge in unadulterated, liberal bliss, be sure to tune into The Daily Show tonight, following Obama's infomercial, to hear Jon Stewart and Obama make babies with words.