You may have heard the story about a 16-year-old girl who lost control of her car and drove it into Green River last Friday. She was unable to remove two boys in the car with her, 2-year-old Hunter Beaupre and 13-year-old Austin Fuda, before the car completely submerged in the river.

Today, more than four days after the it went in Green River, rescuers were finally able to recover the car and the body of the 2-year-old inside it. Rescuers are now trying to find the body of the 13-year-old.

Danny (focuspoint drummer) is a friend of the family of the two boys and has been at the site of the accident since it happened, frequently providing interviews for press. He's kept us updated via texts.

On Sunday:

"I don't know if you have seen the news on all the channels, the other local jersey rat [Danny's biker crew] Nomad Chad's son was in a car that went into Green River Friday. I am here with them until the divers quit being [word deleted] and get his son's body recovered along with the other kid. Here last night, real cool cops, 60 abate members on bikes came through with coffee and food, huge out pour from so many people. See online to get the story. We are on the bikes and rain is a drag! Watch the 5:00 news if you get a chance tonight too."

On Monday:

"Gonna be here through tonight too, just did komo and fox interviews and am zombie."

Today (Tuesday):

"Update from the Green River mud- Being awake consecutively for over 37 hours takes a lot of thermogenic pills and coffee! Up through last night manning the fire and keeping flares down the road so they could sleep without speeding cars. Also kept wandering chaplains from knocking... Some crazy [word deleted]... Then mobbed by the cameras and media clowns bringing me coffee. Can't remember what I said on the interviews but how they said, 'It's too high to go in; now it's too fast,' eight hours later. There will be more water tomorrow you political jackasses. Get them our of the damn river before you devastate fellow Jersey Rat Chad and both families even more... Bringing up the remains that resemble [word deleted] isn't good. They said recovery is at 8 and hope it is done by noon. Chad is a tough dude."

Please keep Chad and his family in your thoughts. Thanks.