Holidays can be a headache

Sorry I've been MIA these past couple days.

Perhaps the reason why holiday vacations are so noticably relaxing is because everything leading up to them -- closing work projects, planning the trip, last-minute shopping, packing, etc. -- is so damn stressful.

Yesterday I actually left work mid-morning because I had a killer migraine. My right eye was twitching non-stop, too. I'm not crediting pre-vacation stress entirely for this episode (brews from the Jolly Roger the previous night may have contributed), but I'm quite sure it was the catalyst.

Amanda and I leave for Chicago on Wednesday and then we'll be heading east to Leo, Ind., one week from today. This is when I meet her family for the first time, which reminds me of a headline I read the other day: "Guy killed meeting girlfriend's family for first time."

That's comforting.

No, seriously though. Because I'm a polite, charming fellow I'm quite confident that things will be smooth with Amanda's family in Indiana. I've already made my first impressions on WIB and have gained a small readership out of her family (Hi Grandma Lowden, Aunt Teresa, Amber and Sheree!).

Before we get to crunch time next week, I have lots of opportunities this weekend to unwind that I'm looking forward to. Look for some pictures over the weekend from Scott's ski-themed birthday party on Saturday night.

Now back to finishing up those projects at work...