The final countdown

Happy Monday, everyone! I have just TWO more days before I go to Illinois and Indiana for the holidays! Yay!

The weekend was busy but fun.

On Friday night, Amanda and I went to Black Bottle for dinner. I highly recommend the "blasted broccoli" and "mussels marseille-style."

On Saturday we met G&G for dinner at Vince's in Federal Way and spent the evening in Federal Way at Scott's birthday party (look for a post about that later today).

On Sunday we were planning to go skiing, but everyone was too tired from the party/intimidated by the single-digit temperatures.

To avoid traveling with a load of presents to Indiana, Amanda and I celebrated Christmas early and opened presents (except one each, which we will bring to Indiana). I totally scored! I got a Flip, pillows, socks, a sweater, toothbrushes, a DVD, a knit hat and Snorenz. Thanks, Amanda!

We went to Madame K's for dinner and saw Rosie Thomas' Christmas show at Town Hall (Thanks, Wesley!).

Now I'm about to kick-off my last Monday before vacation. Word to your mothers.