Heaven and snow

I've felt closer to God these past Sundays.

This is mostly because I've been skiing and the mountains are obviously much closer to heaven than Ballard, which sits at sea-level. Duh.

I made a New Years resolution to go to church more often, or at least more than twice a year (See C&E). Fortunately, Crystal Mountain offers Mass on Sundays during the lunch hour, so this is an incredibly convenient way to go to mass... and would be a nice time to rest my legs, except Catholic Mass is much like doing squats.

I've actually enjoyed going to Mass up at Crystal. Scott (Catholic), Courtney (heathen) and Amanda (non-Catholic-aka-quasi-heathen) all join. The priests come from Seattle University and keep Mass incredibly short -- 30 to 40 minutes vs. 60 to 90 minutes. Also, the priests wear ski boots and relate their sermons to skiing and the mountains, which keeps the service much more interesting.

After church, you can't help but feel ready to get back up to the lifts because you know J.C. has your back.

Here are some pictures from the weekend: