I can't stand the drain

Everyone knows Moos has dark, beautiful hair. I have the great pleasure of seeing it everyday -- in the drain.

Because it's strong and curly, Moos' hair refuses to go down the drain as it should. Rather, it coils up on top of the drain into a clump that I often pull up and throw away as part of my morning routine.

I quickly became accustomed to the ritual. I figure it's one of the few consequences of sharing a bathroom with a Wife. After two years of this, I hardly noticed the inconvenience until... Amanda moved in.

Now that I'm sharing a bathroom with TWO girls, I'm dealing with DOUBLE the drain hair.

Amanda's hair doesn't leave as great of a clump, but like a dusting of snow it's enough to talk about. She showers at night where as Moos and I shower in the morning (that reads inappropriate) so now I have drain hair in plain sight morning and night. I now associate drain hair with when I brush my teeth. Nice, huh?

I know the girls try to grab the hair after their showers, and I've heard of the "I stick the hair on the wall and swirl it" method of drain hair prevention. Still, there's nearly always a rebellious group of hair clinging to the purgatory between sanitary and sewage.

When Amanda and I move into the new house over the next few weeks, I imagine I'll see less drain hair. By design, Amanda's straight, brunette hair can't do the same damage as Moos' dark curly locks. And in an odd, clinically weird way, I might miss that... but probably not.