Paint by number, I wish

Over the past week, Amanda and I have been brainstorming wall colors. I thought this would be a simple task:

"You like blue?"
"Should we make the bedroom blue?"

This is not so because there are too many shades of blue and blue alone can be an hour long conversation considering appropriate trim, furnishing, flow in and out of rooms, etc.

We're probably exhausting the conversations, but that's because we're excited, and I, for one, have never been able to choose colors before. This is the first time I've ever had the chance to paint the walls I live within and was never one of those lucky tenants with the hippie landlords who give license to paint.

Going back to blue, we've spent an entire evening discussing the pros and cons of North Coast vs. Spruce Hollow vs. Canvas Sky vs. Impressionist Blue with the same vigor and passion as economists discussing a stimulus package.

(By the way, who comes up with these color names? Does the Sherwin-Williams guy graduate to naming Crayola colors or vice-versa?)

Right now Amanda and I are close to final on the downstairs colors but need to brainstorm with Sergio on what should go upstairs (seeing as he'll be living there). Last night we discussed reds, yellows and oranges going upstairs because we have all earthy colors downstairs, but who knows?

We've decided upon North Coast (blue) for the master bedroom; Shiitake (brown) for the master bathroom; Corncob (yellow) for the kitchen; Impressionist Blue for the bathroom and downstairs guest bedroom; Moss Landing (green) for the living room; and Stone Arrowhead (white) for trim. Whew.

The beauty of paint is that it's cheap and if we don't like something we can try again, but we also need to make some decisions and quick because we'd like to refinish the floors and need to paint first. Wouldn't it be nice if right before we moved in, someone went into the house and dropped off an enormous paint set and wrote large numbers on the wall for where all the colors should go? A life-size paint-by-number template would make this a whole lot easier.