The New Year’s Eve plan

We’re headed up to Crystal Mountain again for the big party. Scott was kind enough to email us an itinerary, which I have pasted below verbatim. Is it any wonder why I had to proofread his MBA papers? a little itenerary: this week:, scott waxes and tunes paolo, court and his own skis.... Thurs: 4-6pm Paolo and amanda bring over a coordinated dinner to our house thursday afternoon around 430ish and while everyone prepares dinner, scott adjusts Amandas new skis to her boots.... then we eat Thurs:6-7:30pm We drive up to crystal Thurs:7:30-9pm we prefunk at the room and at the elk... mabye, might be crazy busy Thurs:9-10 we watch the fireworks! Thurs:10-10:30 we drive to the alphins cabin Thurs:10:30-1am We party! friday: we ski!!!!!!!!!!!