WIB Year in Review 2009

Another year gone and documented here at Word Is Born. It’s been a good one!

In 2009 I managed to…

…get engaged(!), visit Indiana (twice), go to Vegas (and not get married) (twice), consistently post Foto Fridays, start three new blogs, post more videos, keep my job (Hello recession!), move to Tacoma, buy a house, get the attention of Levi Corporate out of a blog post, write a book chapter on Twitter, stay in grad school, get a cat, convert this blog to Wordpress, redesign it (twice), and keep a blog readership despite the rise of Twitter and said redesigns.

SOMEHOW, despite my abuses and rants here, you still love me (or my pretty photos) and I THANK YOU for that. As in past years, let’s take a look at the highlights (and lowlights):

Best author: Paolo Paolo remains the undisputed heavyweight champion of blogging. Every time he blogs, a puppy and kitten spoon.

Best newbie: Fabrizio Fabrizio starred in several videos over the past year and made it into several Foto Fridays. He is one cool cat.

Best comment: On Sept. 28, 2009, Brother Bear wrote:

Paolo… May I suggest the jeans you find at Costco. They have multiple brands instock and they are very reasonable. My sugggestion is to buy a few pairs or the diffrent brands and maybe go up one size and take them home and see what happens. Then just go back and buy what you think will work as they have no fitting rooms there at Costco.

Been buying jeans there for years now and they always fit my fatass ~Brother Bear

Runner-up comment: On Jan. 27, 2009, Jeanna wrote:

Does this mean you got smart and decided to BUY in Seattle. I was thinking on the way to work this morning how CRAZY you’d be to buy a house in Tacoma. It’s SO far away. You’d probably never come up here, and probably never get to enjoy great places like Black Bottle Again. Basically what I mean is Tacoma = SOCIAL DEATH.

Best guest post by Paolo: Home court advantage

Best post featuring a focuspoint video: Home > Work

Best demonstration of Paolo's game: ENGAGED!

Scariest post: Unmarked intersection + bus = Boo Remember when Amanda got into that car accident? Yeah. Boo.

Best blog series that was a good idea at the time: W(ho)TF is on WIB See the posts featuring Gramps, Al and Cari

Dorte Callahan Memorial ‘Lurker’ Award: DORTE! Especially considering that I no longer live with Katrine, this award is well-deserved.

Most narcissistic: 4.0 is a perfect number

Best ski-related post: Heaven and snow

Most alcoholic: 20-somethings are The New Vintage

Most obnoxious: One day without a phone

Best post written for women: Ladies, eat your hearts out

Most commented: The price of blindness and Demin wars (18 comments each)

Best headline: @Castlemonkey's small package

Most drastic haircut: A new look for Valentine's Day

Grossest post: I can't stand the drain

Best pre-home purchase post: Paint by number, I wish

Best Wal-Mart-related post: The air mattress queen

Best post about aging: Hairline discrimination

Best flashback post: Swine flu is the other white death, or How Wesley Narrowly Escaped Mexican Jail

Best Photoshop job: Exercise the demon: Matt plays pundit

Best new blog: Pour Wine Review

Best Video: (We Run) Deep Canyon Tennis Club

Best unoriginal soundtrack in an original video: Fabrizio's first bath

Best voiceover in an original video: Paolo in Fabrizio the Gato

Best performance in an original video: Paolo and Amanda in Song and Sweat

Best actor in an original video: Sergio in Wax on, hair off

Best Foto Friday: Kicks, tattoos and chest hair