Embarking on another quarter at UW

You might recall my post 4.0 is a perfect number during which I boasted my perfect GPA at the time. Yes, even Muhammad Ali lost boxing matches and even I don't always get straight A's.

Last quarter I received (gasp!) an A-, defeating my cumulative GPA to a 3.95. That class was about Web storytelling, and I produced a fairly nice video and quite possibly the first-ever research paper on Webisodes. Alas, it was not enough for a perfect grade according to the powers that be.

So now I march on with a GPA wound toward my mobile marketing class, which I am really excited about. The future is mobile, people! I'm even more excited about taking my first-ever break in grad school after this quarter. I kinda sorta need to take a four-week vacation around my wedding/honeymoon, and that doesn't jive with academic accountability.

With that carrot dangling in front of my nose, I'm going to work really hard to get another A on the board and get on track to graduate with a 3.99 GPA, so help me God.