Trailer trash found here

Imagine my surprise when I saw THIS parked next to my house when I arrived home Thursday after work. IMG_9795



I expressed what my middle finger communicates in all ways possible right then and there.

Our neighbors across the street have a part-time hobby of flipping trailers (good for them), so I figured they were the culprits. I gave it a couple days for them to either assume the crap in their own driveway or dump the hopeless trailer.

On Sunday morning -- Valentine's Day -- I woke up to beautiful morning featuring that same crappy trailer parked outside our house. How romantic. It had been two days and now I was pissed.

I marched over to talk to the neighbors who shared their sympathy with me. They didn't claim the trailer and said they had already called the city about it. Of all street corners in Tacoma, someone had chosen mine to dump the vehicle. Ugh. From there, I knocked on the doors of the other neighbors just to disassociate myself from the trailer, let them know that we were doing something about it and otherwise plead that they don't consider me white trash.

I called the City of Tacoma, too. The trailer has plates on it, but all the lady on the phone told me was that there wasn't a record of the trailer being stolen. Well no shit, Sherlock. Who would want to steal this? I filed my report to little satisfaction.

By late Sunday, some cats (not Fabrizio) were crawling in and out of the porous trailer, which is filled with junk - tires, wood, etc. This could have been a meth lab for all I know.


The City of Tacoma also let us know that it could take THREE WEEKS to remove the trailer. The thing got tagged with spray paint in TWO NIGHTS. I didn't mind because it actually improved the aesthetic.

So what to do now? We can try to tow it somewhere, but half of the tires are flat (probably punctured after the trailer was dropped off). We can push it out into the street to create a hazard, but it might just get pushed back to the curb rather than be towed away.

We're going to continue to bug the the city about it because that's all that we can responsibly do, or just put our garbage cans next to it and hope the garbage man gets the idea.