Death of the 32x32

I’ve been traveling for work – Minneapolis last week, New York this week. Unfortunately, those to the East like to dress up and believe that button-up shirts and slacks make you think smarter. Obviously, I don’t appear so legit in these foreign lands with my Casual Industrees hoodies and Levi 501s, so I have to step my game up.

I had recalled from an earlier trip this year that my trusty size 32x32 slacks from college were feeling a bit snug around my waist. I guess that’s what happens when you develop amazing abdominal muscles from intense crunches with weights at the gym. It could also be attributed to the fact that I weigh five pounds more than I did when I graduated from college back in 2005. Like I said, crunches with weights.

I did what any guy would do in this situation, I sent Amanda out with my debit card to buy me some 34x32 pants at TJ Maxx.  She bought four pairs of pants and I kept three (Great job, Amanda!) so I was totally prepared for my stint of trips without having to endure the shame of buying lager size pants.

Could you imagine what the cashier at TJ Maxx would have said if she saw that I had jumped a size? I dread to think it.

As I sit here eating a New York bagel piled high with sun-dried tomato cream cheese, I still can’t believe that I need the extra real estate in the waist. I bought my 501 jeans size 34x34 but they are shink-to-fit, so that didn’t phase me. I bought my wedding suit pants in 34x32, but it is a slim fit suit. Heck, even Wesley jumped up to a 32-inch waist for that suit.

I guess I need to let go of the past, embrace my new size 34x32 and let my ripped abs enjoy the luxury of a little more freedom.