Toenail down

I am a pansy. Blood freaks me out. Pain freaks me out. When I was young (until age 10) I couldn't watch WWF because I couldn't handle watching wrestlers wind up each others' arms. I thought they'd pop out. There was a lot of arm twisting in WWF if you think about it. (Thankfully I overcame this fear so that I can today watch the real arm twisting in UFC bouts.) I was the kind of kid that hung out in a Care Bears tent reading Spot books, blood and pain free.

What makes me more queasy than anything is related to nails. I don't know why. I squirm at the sight of hang nails. I gag watching Amanda cut her cuticles.

So imagine my reaction when Amanda turned to me on the couch the other day and said, "I think my toenail just fell off."

She was wearing socks, but she could feel her pinky toe nail hanging off. (Gag.) She had kicked a high chair at work a month ago and the little guy couldn't hold on. She kicked that high chair in front of her employer and in true Amanda fashion bit her lip instead of showing weakness.

I am well-known for dragging my feet and it's a little known fact that I lost my big toenail to dragging my feet when I was young (around the avoiding WWF-age). I also lost a toenail from dropping a large rock on my barefoot looking for bugs when I was really young. I'll spare you the details of when Scott ripped out his own big toenail with pliers in more recent times. (Gag.)

So anyway, Amanda lost a toenail. If you don't believe me...