Birfday: That's a wrap

Got to admit. My birfday did not start amazing. That's the problem with working on your birfday. My current clients are working my like a mule and I was burnt out by 5 p.m. Boo work. Fortunately I had a great birfday dinner with Chaffees and family on the day before (pictures below). Scott gave me a circular saw(!) and Courtney gave me a humor book, which I need because I swear my reading skills are on the decline. Mom hooked me up (via Sergio) with a 16x24 canvas print of one of my and Amanda's engagement photos. Sergio also gave me a Home Depot gift card that is going directly to fixing his bathroom sink (water pressure issues).

My birfday wrapped in the right way though. I came home to open a really nice shirt and tie from Dad (picture below) and Amanda and I picked up my wedding band. Smile. Thanks again to everyone for the well wishes.