The cat came back

Dear Fabrizio, Where in the heck were you yesterday? You had Amanda and I worried sick. In fact, Amanda was totally restless last night. She was pacing around waiting for you. We walked the alleys this morning in the rain trying to find you, and then you think you can just show up after we've left for work and expect Sergio to let you in whenever you want? I don't think so.

Normally I wouldn't worry. You take off overnight during the summers, but at least I can understand that you're enjoying the weather. What is your excuse when it's raining cats and dogs? OK, your friends don't come down like the rain. You know what I mean.

At least you've shocked Amanda and me into action to take you into the vet and get your microchip updated seeing that you always manage to take your collars off on your own.

Bad kitty.

Love, Paolo