Pumpkin Hunting and Slingshots

IMG_5070 Scott got a big group together to head out to Spooner Farms in Puyallup to go pumpkin hunting on Saturday. The place was huge, but it was packed! I felt like I was in a Halloween-themed Disneyland with all of the activities and kids around. I suppose we were the odd ducks -- 14 or so adults running around the farm.

The highlight of the trip was the pumpkin slingshot! You got two shots for a dollar, and I'm sure the group spent $75 combined to have a go at aiming a softball-size pumpkin 50 yards away at a target to try and win a gigantic pumpkin. Unfortunately, no one won, but it was a heck of a lot of fun!

Typical scene at the patch. IMG_5078

Malia and Kyle. IMG_5084

That's a lot of pumpkin. IMG_5089

Sean crammed some quick corn calories before hitting the slingshot. IMG_5091

Caitlin picking pumpkins for the slingshot. IMG_5101

Kyle and Malia have their picks. IMG_5107

Amanda sets up. IMG_5109

And fires! IMG_5110

My reaction. IMG_5093

My turn (I got close). IMG_5119

Scott has his pumpkin stash ready. IMG_5125

Kyle has a go. IMG_5129

Scott reviews the best pumpkins for the slingshot. IMG_5131

Scott has a go. IMG_5138



The peanut gallery. IMG_5145

Sean takes his turn. IMG_5153

Look at that focus! IMG_5159

Jesse shows his form. IMG_5160

No one hit the bullseye. On to the main event! IMG_5168

But first, bacon, anyone? IMG_5225

Courtney makes a choice while Walker learns why not to pick up a pumpkin by its stem. IMG_5175


Amanda considers her options. IMG_5184

Amanda picks a winner. IMG_5188

Kyle defends his choice. IMG_5194

Tough to get a good picture of Caitlin sometimes. IMG_5202

Not even the camera can warm up the Ice Princess. IMG_5197

Our spoils. IMG_5206

Amanda is in her element. IMG_5204

$18 later, and we're a step closer to Halloween! IMG_5207