King of the Hardwoods

Sergio was on a trip abroad most of the last month shooting weddings in Greece and Germany. We took advantage of his time away to show some love to the often-neglected second story of our house. It's the only part of the house that hasn't seen a major overhaul, but that was about to change. The upstairs had VERY old carpet. I could believe that it was hand-sewn by Tibetan monks centuries ago and made its way down the Silk Road, across Europe during the Crusades, across the Atlantic on the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria and by covered wagon to our home during the Gold Rush. That's how old the carpet was.

Amanda and I were ready to install some hardwoods upstairs and took our time making price comparisons because hardwoods are NOT cheap. We finally settled on bamboo at Home Depot, dropped a paycheck on wood and supplies and got to work. The pictures tell the rest of the story, and Sergio was pleasantly surprised when he returned home!

What we were dealing with in one of three upstairs bedrooms:


Rolling the old carpet up while Simon supervises. IMG_4867

Relief. IMG_4869

The worst part of pulling up carpet is pulling up tackboards. IMG_4872

"Clean" floor. IMG_4873

Just about done for the night. IMG_4874

Gianna confirming it's bedtime. IMG_4877

Dad joins the work party, flanked by animal support. IMG_4883


Sergio's bedroom, halfway done. IMG_4896

Preparing the middle room. IMG_4900

Finishing the back room. IMG_4901

Puppy attack! IMG_4906

Celebrating a finished room. IMG_4934


Finished product (minus the baseboards). IMG_4962