On the Green in Palm Desert

Amanda and I took a long weekend to visit Grams in Palm Desert. The weekend activities can chronologically be summarized: sleeping, tennis, shopping, pool, sleeping, golf, pool, sleeping. Throw a lot of food and temps in the high 80s, and I'd call that a good trip.

I mostly took photos during our round of golf (Amanda's first full 18!), so that's what you're getting into below.

Here's me prepping for ski season by the pool. IMG_4970

Grams and Amanda have their game faces on. IMG_4981

Grams behind the wheel. IMG_4989

Me and Eric, who I got paired with to round out our group. Nice guy from Redmond who retired on the golf course in the desert. Can't blame him! IMG_4990

Amanda teeing off, slicing and pinked out. IMG_5006

Is this a celebrity golf tournament? IMG_5007

Grams on the fairway. IMG_5015

What looks better, my follow-through or my calves? IMG_5021

Amanda and Grams. IMG_5022

Amanda sporting mid-drift. IMG_5029

Obligatory couple photo. IMG_5031

Grams teeing off on 18. IMG_5034

Amanda putting on 18 for a double bogey. IMG_5040

Fin. IMG_5055