Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Project: Complete

kitchen cabinet refinishing project There's still work to be done in the kitchen -- countertops, sink, tile backsplash -- but I'm calling the cabinets done. It's been a long time coming, from yellow to mellow, but I think this red mahogany stain will be the last shade of color these cabinets wear so long as I own them. The kitchen cabinet refinishing project is complete!

I started the project late last summer getting the top cabinets stripped, sanded, stained and finished, and I completed the lower cabinets last week to surprise Amanda while she was in Indiana. I also took the liberty of picking a new paint color for the walls that I like so much I'm painting the guest bathroom and mudroom the same color. I'd say this leg of the project took me about 25 hours over the course of a week. With all the new appliances we've collected and what's coming with the countertops and finish work, this will be a completely new kitchen by the time we're done!

It wasn't all pretty. I had to turn the guest bathroom into a work room because it was a little too cold to work outside, and our kitchen was transplanted to the dining room for a couple days.


Here are a couple more before and after photos:

kitchen cabinet refinishing project

kitchen cabinet refinishing project

Every time I took a break, Fabrizio would look at me like "You know Amanda is going to be home soon!"


Here's the new paint color for the walls.


Of course, I got new hardware. IMG_3624

And flowers in the planter jar wall display to welcome Amanda home. Done! mason jar wall display