A Weekend in Maui

Kihei Maui As part of my 30th birthday present, Scott and Courtney gave me and Amanda some buddy passes for a couple's trip to Maui.

This wasn't only cool because, "Hello, it's Maui!" but also because Scott and I have long dreamed of this scenario. We spent well more than a decade of youth talking about the kinds of activities we'd do when we were older and had some money. One of those was going on great vacations. We went on a few bachelor vacations in our teens and twenties but still had to figure out how to bring women into the equation. Now we finally have hot wives and can take them to hot places! This is the American dream.

Amanda and I went to Lahaina, Maui, last year with family (sounds very Northwest cliche, I know) and Courtney joined us for part of that trip -- oh the perks of an airline employee. This time we went to Kihei and scored a great hotel off the beach called Aston Maui Hills. We got a gigantic (literally bigger than our house) 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo for a killer price.

image (4)bfimage (3)

So what did we do? Everything you'd imagine. Unless you're Scott.

We hung out at the pool, snorkeled, swam in the ocean, body-boarded, stand-up paddleboarded (Scott surfed, or attempted to), ate and drank a lot, watched Arrested Development whenever we were back at the hotel... It was all wonderful. Scott whined because we didn't rent mopeds and didn't snorkel enough. We also didn't find time to drive up to the volcano or zipline, but there's only so much activity to do during a 4-day vacation.

beach feetbimage (2)


And we have to leave things to do for next trip back.