An Indiana Summer

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130906_0006 We spent a long weekend visiting family in Leo, Indiana, a few weeks ago. In addition to seeing loved ones, the Grabill Country Fair was in full effect!

On our first evening we went to the fair with the Reynolds boys to get leather bracelets. It's a festival tradition to get them. But first, fried cheese! Ft Wayne Cleveland20130906_0010

That's Trec on his dad's shoulders.Ft Wayne Cleveland20130906_0016

Creed and Trec contemplate bracelet designs. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130906_0021

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130906_0023

Amanda's bracelet with my name on it. You're supposed to get the name of your significant other. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130906_0028

Daisha had to stay home with their daughter Navy, but we visited them after the fair. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130906_0030

Here are some photos from the parade on Day 2. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0046

Amanda with our niece Abby and nephew Mason. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0034

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0010

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0070

This happened. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0048

I shamelessly took photos of Amish whenever I could. I am so fascinated by their lifestyle. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0015

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0053

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0028

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0030

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0037

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0033-2

We walked back through the fair after the parade to get Abby and Mason their bracelets. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0035-2

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0037-2

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0046-2

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0047-2

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0053-2

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0096

This is the biggest pork tenderloin sandwich I have ever seen. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0082

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0086

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0089

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0051-2

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0092

Yes, I wore pink shorts in Indiana. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0093

After all that healthy eating, I needed a healthy dessert to-go. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0098

We went back to the Reynolds estate and saw Brinn. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130907_0100

The next day we saw Jenny and her kids Phoebe and Henry. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130908_0101

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130908_0102

Our time in Indiana was short but we saw a lot of people. Our last stop was at Amanda's grandparents house to drop off her parents' dog Teddy. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130908_0103

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130908_0104

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130908_0105

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130908_0106

Teddy is the most loved grandchild. Ft Wayne Cleveland20130908_0107

Then we were off to Cleveland with Amanda's parents for some sightseeing and a work conference. That's all in the next blog post.