Cleveland Rocks

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130909_0155 After visiting with family and friends in Indiana, we drove with Amanda's parents to Cleveland, where I was on the schedule to speak at Content Marketing World. Our first stop in town was at The West Side Market.

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130909_0131

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130909_0136

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130909_0130

The cool thing about the market is it had a European feel that the Italian in me appreciated. Not much like Pike Place Market.

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Ft Wayne Cleveland20130909_0138

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130909_0144

After checking into our hotel, we explored the city a bit during our first night.

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130909_0174

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130909_0177

I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a conference pre-funk while Amanda and her parents explored more of downtown.

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130909_0199

While I was working the conference, Amanda and her parents toured the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which Amanda says took three hours! She said it put the EMP to shame.

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130910_0224

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130910_0236

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130910_0241

After the conference we caught up with our friend Cari Lyle. Cari lives in Seattle but we hadn't seen her in months, so naturally we made time for each other when we were halfway across the country.

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130910_0253

Cari in her natural habitat, taking shots.

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130910_0259

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130910_0260

The next night we did some more night exploring.

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130910_0267

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130910_0270

Cleveland was a really nice city, far exceeding my expectations. But there's no place like home.

Ft Wayne Cleveland20130911_0278