The backpack fiasco of 2010

Dude, yesterday totally sucked. I had a slightly unusual morning as Amanda and I needed to drop Sergio off at the airport for his photo gig in Maui. This should be no big deal. I've dropped people off at the airport before. However, that slight modification to my morning schedule must have thrown me off (that and my slow evolution out of being a morning person) enough for me to forget my backpack. What do I keep in my backpack? Oh, just my work computer. Without it I am like Zorro without a sword.

I realized I had left my backpack at home close to SeaTac Airport. So I freaked out.

It was about 7:30 a.m., Amanda needed to be at work in Magnolia at 8 a.m. and I needed to be at work in Bellevue by 8:30 a.m. The timing didn't work out. Fortunately, I have some flexible colleagues. I was able to cancel my morning meetings so that I could drop Amanda off for work on time and haul ass back to Tacoma to pickup my backpack and computer.

I originally intended to grab my computer from Tacoma and turnaround to head north to Bellevue, but I was on the road for 2.5 hours by the time I got home and traffic northbound was crappy in Federal Way.

I turned my "will be in the office late" into a "WFH" and opted to go into the office at lunch.

I love working from home and the reasons continue to grow. First, I get to see my house during the day, a less frequent encounter these days. It's totally refreshing to see your rooms by sunlight instead of lightbulb. Second, there's so much more life in Tacoma during the daytime and it's fantastic. We live a block away from the local elementary, which usually has no affect on us, but it's cool seeing all of those students and parents walking to and from school. It makes me feel like we live truly in a neighborhood.

I left for work after lunch and made it to Bellevue in 40 minutes -- half the time of the morning commute. It's amazing how traffic can take so much time out of the day, huh?

What did I learn from yesterday?

  • My attitude can turn 180 degrees in about the same time I can run a 40-yard dash -- so somewhat quickly.
  • I have developed some kind of  Truman Show-regimented lifestyle where if one thing changes it really throws me off for the whole day. That's not a good thing.
  • I don't live that far away from where I work afterall, traffic just makes it feel that way.
  • I must be getting overloaded with stress because how could I leave my work computer at home? Too much on my plate and not enough exercise, I think. Like 2Pac, I need to start making changes.