Losing My Hair Over Hair, Everywhere

IMG_5227 I wrote before about issues with excess hair – creating drain rats, breaking my vacuum. Although I’ve traded in The Wives (nickname for my old roommates) for a genuine wife, the recent acquisition of pets has led to an escalated state of loose hair in the house.

Amanda alone sheds a lot of hair. I encounter the occasional drain hat and hair in the sink. She grows it back, so it’s all good.

When we adopted the cat, Fabrizio, I didn’t notice much of a hair accumulation because his hair is so light and short. I’ll see it stack up like snow drifts at his favorite sleeping spots, but otherwise it’s not a problem.

Gianna is one hairy puppy and inspired this post. I grew up with a Sheltie, Maxamillion, so I knew our new Collie would leave a trace of hair in her wake. I didn’t anticipate the daily carpet she could produce on our hardwood floors.

Sometimes I wish this blog would get a sponsor like GoPro or Canon that would give me cameras and goodies to use and giveaway. No longer the case. Now I want a sponsorship from Swiffer. I use those little Swiffer sheets every damn day to lift the hair – Amanda’s, Fabrizio’s and Gianna’s. I’m sure Sergio and I contribute to the mix, but only minority shares. I love Swiffer. I need Swiffer. Sponsor me, Swiffer!

I won’t even talk about our bedroom, the only room in the house with carpet. I wish I could leave the vacuum on 24/7. The first item on my Christmas list this year is the Roomba, so that I can just leave that on when I’m away at work. Forty hours a week of vacuuming might take care of all the hair the dog deposits in our room during the same time period. Hell, while I’m asking, sponsor me, Roomba!

The hair problem led me to decide to install hardwood floors upstairs instead of replacing the carpets. I know I did myself a favor going with hardwoods for a number of reasons, but the only immediate benefit I saw was the ability to Swiffer upstairs and have brief confidence that there is no hair on the floor until animals or wife reenter the room.

Now that I have a beard, I always find hair in it – not my hair, but the animals’ or the wife’s. It’s an intrusion of my own hair space. It’s hair on hair violence.

We’ve all adapted, and the hair is fairly under control, but say Sergio or I – the resident Italians – start shedding body hair, we’re screwed.